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The New MexicO

Bid Depostiory

The New Mexico Bid Depository System (NMBDS) strives to build partnerships through bidding. The purpose of the Bid Depository is to improve the bidding process by helping ensure the quality and equity of sub-bid scopes, and to provide adequate time for review of the sub-bids by the general contractors so that they may more accurately complete their bids.

This system has been developed for the good of the contracting industry and the public as a whole. It is not a law - it is purely voluntary. Please feel free to call this office for any additional information


Learn about the bidding process

This section provides step-by-step directions and how-to videos about bidding a project through the Depository.


The Benefits

You’ll have access to live jobs advertised on the website, in the Construction Reporter, and/or other media, as being bid through the Depository.

Registering allows you to see a list of registered bidders on the Job (this information available at any time), as well as bid forms which clearly state inclusions and exclusions.